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Vestigial Digital is now a free download

Carya Amara’s 2001 release Vestigial Digital is now a free download via Bandcamp. It is still also available on CD. The music on Vestigial Digital was made using software to transform natural and unnatural sounds. No conventional synthesisers (hardware or software) were used. “as atmospheric as hell… pioneering stuff indeed” – Modern Dance magazine “a… Read More »

Cumbria Remixed

As explained at “Cumbria Remixed was an exciting sound project using digital technologies to investigate and remix the soundscape of Cumbria. It created a lively dialogue between old and new, young and old through field recordings of Cumbrian environments, and local people’s tales, tunes, stories and songs”. As previously mentioned, Carya Amara’s contribution, The… Read More »

MP3s of locked grooves

Continuo’s Weblog has just posted a carefully prepared rip of the locked groove compilation that was released by Clan Analogue in 2001. The tracks on this vinyl release looped endlessly whereas the MP3s are, of course, of finite duration. The compilation didn’t have a clear title as such but is known as 101 Lock Grooves… Read More »