Tales of the Unattractive is now a free download

Carya Amara’s retrospective of music from 1980 – 1991, Tales of the Unattractive, is now a free download via Bandcamp.

Synthesiser melodies, lo-fi experiments with record players and warped organ drones set the course for Carya Amara’s rejection of musical categories, and paved the way for the music in the companion volume, Extinction Frequency.

Extinction Frequency is now a free download

Extinction Frequency cover

Carya Amara’s retrospective of music from the 1990s, Extinction Frequency, is now a free download via Bandcamp. It is still also available on CD.

Featuring material recorded between 1992 and 1996, Extinction Frequency displays a progression from the more rhythmic material on the companion CD of earlier experiments, Tales of the Unattractive.

“maintains a ruthless and driving energy – as well as a sparkling clarity of sound” – Stone Gnome

“It has an easy, pop-culture humour with a tendency to taking a left-turn into the darker reaches” – The Violet Apple

Vestigial Digital is now a free download

CA01CD.jpgCarya Amara’s 2001 release Vestigial Digital is now a free download via Bandcamp. It is still also available on CD.

The music on Vestigial Digital was made using software to transform natural and unnatural sounds. No conventional synthesisers (hardware or software) were used.

“as atmospheric as hell… pioneering stuff indeed” – Modern Dance magazine

“a secret harmony, a reckless boldness and unconcern for established order” –Erebus magazine.

Cumbria Remixed

Cumbria RemixedAs explained at shaunblezard.net:-

“Cumbria Remixed was an exciting sound project using digital technologies to investigate and remix the soundscape of Cumbria. It created a lively dialogue between old and new, young and old through field recordings of Cumbrian environments, and local people’s tales, tunes, stories and songs”.

As previously mentioned, Carya Amara’s contribution, The Sound Around Me, was a remix of some sentence fragments uttered by Cumbrian musician and organiser of the project, Shaun Blezard. This track and 21 others have now been collected into a release which you can download for free from the Internet Archive.

Download Cumbria Remixed in MP3 format or see the download page for other formats.

60×60 Dance in St Louis, Missouri

On the 2nd of this month Vox Novus staged 60×60 Dance in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Thanks to them for including ‘Breakthrough’ by Carya Amara and to choreographer Rachel Brady.

More about the event can be found at the Vox Novus site.

The Late Carya Amara – cover art

Here’s some more cover art for the CDR edition of The Late Carya Amara. A couple of short reviews have also arrived…

In addition to the CDR release, The Late Carya Amara can be downloaded for free in a variety of formats, including high-quality MP3 and lossless FLAC.

The Late Carya Amara booklet pages 1 and 4ff

The Late Carya Amara CD case rear

The Late Carya Amara CD

“Full of lovely synths, electronics, pulses and drones” – Test Transmission

“It’s a damn haunting radiophonic nightmare! With beats!” – Iceland Bob

New album: The Late Carya Amara

Earthrid 013 cover smallIt’s been a decade since Carya Amara started Earthrid with the visceral electronic album Vestigial Digital. It was followed by two retrospectives of music dating back as far as 1980, Extinction Frequency and Tales of the Unattractive. Since then there have been collaborative projects (released on Earthrid) and related musical ventures but no solo Carya Amara… but now here at last is The Late Carya Amara.

Anyone (and there were quite a few) who was perplexed by the diverse approaches of previous releases is unlikely to find this one any easier to decode – but the receptive listener, maybe armed with a good pair headphones, will find this to be an immersive (if sometimes chilly) experience. Released in summer in the UK, the album’s snowy themes are definitely unseasonal… but did you really want to wait any longer for The Late Carya Amara?

Download The Late Carya Amara now for free or add the CD-R to your collection.