Feb 072016

Carya Amara is a long-running, low-profile electronic music project.

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Feb 172019

All My Friends Live in Uncanny Valley is a really fun collection of remixes of music by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin. The songs appeared in their original form on her most recent album, the similarly named I Left My Heart in Uncanny Valley but appear here reimagined by Toxic Chicken, Renaldo & the Loaf, Vertigen (of Quimper), Kevin Busby (of Carya Amara), Commander Zillack and Spectral Fern Plaza.

The EP is available on CD and as a download from Bandcamp.

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Apr 202018

Vague Wars by Carya Amara is out today. Download it now from Bandcamp.

“Here is some indeterminate music for vague wars. You may wish to keep it on at a low volume level in the background, perhaps as an accompaniment to reading or even writing. Ignore it. Nothing will happen”.

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Mar 202018

Another Chance to See by Carya Amara is out today. Download it now from Bandcamp.

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Nov 192017

The death of prolific country music writer and performer Mel Tillis has been reported by The Associated Press, cited in the New York Daily News.

Numbered amongst Mel Tillis’s many songs is Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town which became a famous hit Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.

Carya Amara’s rendition of the song appeared on a short-run compilation, Lard Motel/Succulent, in 2001. In order to respect copyright it has not been released separately but can be heard 18 minutes into the radio show Phantom Circuit #39 from June 2010. The player is embedded below.

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Nov 102017

Carya Amara had a 15-minute slot at a gig in Croydon, England back in August 2013 and here are all the tracks that were performed. The recordings were taken straight from the mixing board.

Download it from Bandcamp.

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Oct 152017

Echoes is a selection of Carya Amara tracks that have been heard elsewhere over the past few years, mainly on compilations.

Download it from Bandcamp.

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Aug 282017

Carya Amara is delighted to have a track on the fourth and final compilation by Soft Bodies Records, Soft Bodies Bleed Out, which has been released today. The compilation has 12 tracks including the new one by Carya Amara, ‘Object of Revulsion’. Download it for free from Bandcamp.

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Oct 232016

Soft Bodies Eat Bees is a compilation released by Soft Bodies Records today. It has 13 tracks including two new ones by Carya Amara (‘Blessed and Accursed Bees’ and ‘Hives’). Download it for free from Bandcamp.

[Edited 19th November 2017 to update links].

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Jul 012016

Listen to the latest edition of Electronic Oddities for a new track by Carya Amara. It’s called ‘Gadgets’ and appears alongside brand new music by 15 other electronic musicians.

The Mixcloud player below will play you the whole show, which starts with some music by D.N.P (whom you no doubt heard on the Terse Greetings 2015 compilation alongside Carya Amara).

‘Gadgets’ will appear on an album by Carya Amara one day, but for now, it can only be heard in the Electronic Oddities cloudcast.

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May 102016

As you may well have heard, Japan’s master synthesist Isao Tomita passed away on the 5th of May. There’s nothing that need be added to the many eulogies that have been published on the Web, but Tomita’s mastery of sound creation on analogue synthesisers cannot be overstated. Nor should we overlook his skill as an arranger who brought his knowledge of orchestral dynamics to bear on the layering of electronic sounds by bouncing mixes between his various tape recorders.

Abomination of Yondo‘s second album That Remote and Awful Twilight, released in 2012, has one track that is dedicated to Tomita, which seemed appropriate largely because of my obsessive, but, I think, at least partly successful, attempt to emulate what we might call his “accelerating spaceship” effect, as heard, for instance, in his arrangement of Holst’s Planet Suite. I think I still have a great deal to learn from listening to his records. If you would like to find out more about how Tomita worked on his early albums, his LP Sound Creature (did they perhaps mean ‘Sound Creator’?), released by RCA Japan in 1977, is highly recommended.

RIP Isao Tomita 22 April 1932 – 5 May 2016


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