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Carya Amara

Carya Amara is a long-running, low-profile electronic music project, recording since 1980 but not heard publicly till 1997. The project continues in its own quiet way, at the pace life allows. Found out more or dare to listen.



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Compilation appearance on 🕊

A new track by Carya Amara, 'Firebird', appears on the compilation 🕊, which is in support of humanitarian aid for Ukraine. It is available from the Bandcamp pages for the following labels: Liminal Garden; DreamShore; No Problema; Cityman Productions; Underwater Computing; The Tidal Charm; UAUH Records; ATMO.

Abominations of Yondo’s Greatest Hits!

Kevin of Carya Amara made three albums with Cousin Silas under the name Abominations of Yondo. Cousin Silas has now picked his favourite tracks from all three, remastered them and released them as the compilation Abominations of Yondo’s Greatest Hits!. Get it from Cousin Silas's Bandcamp page.

The original albums remain available from Earthrid.

Most recent album

... or rather, least old... but watch this space.


Carya Amara - Vague Wars

Indeterminate music for vague wars.

"Some wars can be beautiful!" - YIKIS review site

Find out more on the Earthrid Records site.